DevelopmentSt. Aloysius School Development Program

The Development Program was founded at St. Aloysius School in 1984, being the first elementary school in the Diocese of Baton Rouge to found such a program. Frances Monroe, the first Development Director at SAS, had the keen sense to bring about the establishment of the program. Much was accomplished in the first year:

  • The SAS Endowment Fund was established (goal of $1,000,000).
  • An Annual Appeal was organized.
  • Letterhead stationery and a logo were designed.
  • The first issue of Aloysius Outlook was published.
  • Research was begun on an alumni file.
  • A Development Committee was established.
  • Major gifts were solicited.
  • Scholarships were established.
  • Long-range plans were formed.

These were only a few of the original accomplishments of the program.
Over the years, traditional objectives have remained, focused on the original goals:

  • To emphasize the mission of the school.
  • To develop a broader base of people involvement.
  • To secure financial support for the school.

Innumerable projects have been completed under the Development Program. Following is only a partial list:

  • Establishment of a Computer Lab
  • Establishment of a Science Lab
  • Establishment of an Art program
  • Grant awards from various companies and industries
  • Extensive purchases of educational enhancements and supplies.
  • Furniture, fixtures, equipment, and capital expenditures for the school buildings

Communication in various publications is a major facet of the program.

  • Aloysius Outlook (SAS Development publication)
  • Lion's Roar (parent newsletter)
  • Aloysius Alive (St. Aloysius Church Parish newspaper)
  • Catholic Commentator (Diocese of BR)
  • Area print media-community newspapers
  • Area television stations
  • Area radio stations
  • SAS Christmas card

The aforementioned activities have combined to bless SAS in untold ways. The school facility, the faculty, the students, and the image of all in the community are unparalleled. The past successes guarantee continued success in the future.

As people grow in their understanding of the development process, a clear, shared vision emerges. This vision brings to life a commitment to develop SAS into an optimum learning environment.