News & Calendar3rd-5th Grade Grandparent's Day



Schedule for the Morning

7:00-7:50- Grandparents arrive in Church

8:00-9:00- Mass


3rd grade schedule

9:00-9:30- Refreshments in Old Gym

9:30-10:00 – Classroom visitation


4th grade schedule

9:00-9:40 - Classroom visitation (please remain until called)

9:35-10:00-Refreshments in Old Gym


5th grade schedule

9:00-9:30- Classroom visitation (please remain until called)

9:30-10:00-Refreshments in the Old Gym



Parents with multiple grandchildren, please sit in the area of your youngest grandchild.

You may need to make your classroom visits shorter in order to make it to all the classrooms.

If you are unable to walk up the stairs to the classroom, you may visit with your grandchildren in the Old Gym.

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