Student ServicesExtension

The Extension Program is after school care for children enrolled in St. Aloysius School, preschool through eighth grade. It is staffed by school personnel, serves only children enrolled at the school and legally can operate only on days when school is in session.

If at any time during the year, a change in the type of Extension program is needed, a "Change in Program Form" must be downloaded, completed and returned to school at least TWO WEEKS prior to the change. 

If after a child is enrolled in the Extension Program and Extension services are no longer needed, a "drop form" must be downloaded, filled out and returned to school. Click here to download the "drop form".

Payment must be made in advance by semester or entire school year.

Click here for the 2019-2020 Extension Registration form

Click here for tax receipt/dependent care receipt for Extension services.

Snacks or a substantial meal will be served to students enrolled in the Afternoon Extension Program.