Student Services2nd-5th

Counselor’s Corner: 

Natalie Sloan, M.Ed, NCC, PLPC
Office Hours: Monday-Friday during school hours
Tel: 383-3871 Extension 125


I cannot believe the new year is already here, but I hope you and your family had a wonderful Christmas holiday. Since we are at our halfway point, I wanted to take this time to update you all on some exciting things I have in the works for the upcoming months ahead. 

Have you ever heard the saying, “In a world where you can be anything, be kind?” The school counselors are working together to promote this philosophy here at SAS. Starting January 22nd a different kind act will be introduced for students to focus on each week throughout the month. This is to kick off our Great Kindness Week Challenge at the end of February.  

The list of themes for each week is below:

January 22: Include Others

January 29: Be Courteous

February 5: Keep Our School and Community Beautiful

February 12: Mardi Gras Break

February 19: Uplifting Others

~**More information will be in the Lion’s Roar.**~

I will still be conducting classroom guidance lessons every other month tailored to the needs seen in their particular classroom/grade. I will also be leading specific groups to help students reinforce certain skills needed; such as organization/study skills. Further information on these groups and permission slips will be sent out on later dates.

I also will continue to put a short blurb on here to help encourage and reinforce growth mindset mentality. You can also read about it in the Lion’s Roar the first Monday of each month.

5th grade parents: Starting in February, I will be teaching Brainology lessons to your children once a month. What is Brainology you’re asking? It’s a program designed to help improve motivation and achievement by teaching a growth mindset. Through interactive videos and classroom activities, students will discover how the brain works and how it gets stronger and smarter through effort and learning, which can boost their confidence in their potential, desire to learn, and willingness to work hard.

If you have any questions or concerns involving your child, please do not hesitate to contact me by email or phone.


Mrs. Sloan M.Ed., NCC, PLPC

     New Student Shoutouts:

3rd:   Carmen Sophia Mora                  4th:   Caroline McKay

            Callie Wright                                 5th:   Robert Bourg

                                                                                 William Mickal (Welcome back to SAS)


January 17th-Lock Down Drill

January 26th-Knights of Columbus Drug/Alcohol poster contest ends (3rd-8th)

January 30th-Class Picture Day

**~Assignment Pad Contest~**


Throughout the nine weeks, I make random checks of students assignment pads. At the end of that nine weeks, I choose one boy and one girl to come have lunch in my office. These students are chosen because they either used their assignment pad diligently or showed improvement/gave great effort to use it on a more consistent basis *GROWTH MINDSET*.

They will have the opportunity to invite a friend of their choice where they will be able to enjoy board games, arts & crafts, and basketball in my office during their lunch period. 

      5th Grade Spiral Checks:

I check Spirals every Monday morning before school from 7:15-7:45 and at recess from 11:25-11:45. Please remind your children that this service is offered to them. It is a great and easy way to receive full credit for these assignments.  One or two points, in the end, could mean all the difference in their final grade!

 Growth Mindset:



Many studies show that children who have a growth mindset respond positively to challenging situations and do better in school over time. As educators, we want to encourage our students to keep striving, keep learning, and keep going even if mistakes are made.

** All excerpts will be taken from The Growth Mindset Coach by Annie Brock and Heather Hundley.**

Brock, A., & Hundley, H. (2016). The Growth Mindset Coach. Canada: Marquis Book Printing.


                           Feedback is a Gift-Accept It


The objective of the month is to teach you the difference between person praise and process praise. Person praise focuses on a student’s personal traits and qualities, like intelligence. “You’re so smart” is a commonly heard example of person praise. The problem with this kind of praise is that it sends the message that students succeed because of some inherent, inborn quality they possess, not the effort they put into the task. Process praise, which acknowledges effort, strategies, or actions that contributed to the success of a task, sounds more like this: “You worked really hard at that,” sending the message that the amount of effort put into the task led to success.

Here are a few more examples of how to change person praise statements into process praise:

You’re a natural at math. These problems didn’t give you much of a challenge. Let’s move on to something that will really stretch your brain!
You’re such a good boy/girl. I really appreciate that you cleaned up your room without being asked.
You’re a born writer. Your writing shows that you understand the value of word choice.


Another trap that we can easily fall into is offering nonspecific praise. Phrases like “Well done!” and “Good work!” while technically these phrases are process-oriented praise, they are vague and don’t provide much information to your child. The problem with this kind of feedback is the lack of context; it doesn’t address WHAT the child has done well. Let’s accompany this with some effective feedback describing what specifically was good about the work in terms of process.

Again here are some examples of how to change vague praise into specific praise:

You’re awesome!

You’re putting awesome effort into your science project.

Good work!

Good work writing a detailed essay for your English homework. I admire how hard you have been working on this assignment.

Well done!

Well done on your dance recital. I can see that you’ve really been practicing and putting a lot of effort into perfecting your turns.


We know the kind of praise we offer children can encourage fixed and growth mindsets, so it’s important to be mindful of what type of praise we are ultimately giving them.




October-November: Boys Fantastic Friends (2nd-4th)

November-December: Girls Fantastic Friends (4th)


February-March: Got Worries? The Jedi Mind (5th) 


Guidance Lessons: 


Intro to Counseling Program (2nd-5th)


Organization/Study Skills (2nd-5th)

Friendships (2nd)

Impulses/Self-Control (2nd, 4th)

Conflict Resolution (3rd)


Organization/Study Skills (3rd)

Conflict Resolution (2nd-3rd)

Loving Ourselves & Others (4th-5th)


Brainology Unit I & 2 (5th)