Student Services2nd-5th

Counselor’s Corner: 

Natalie Sloan, M.Ed, LPC, NCC
Office Hours: Monday-Friday during school hours
Tel: 383-3871 Extension 133

Parents and Students,

Please know you all are in my thoughts and prayers during this time. We know that this experience is new for everyone and brings unique challenges for each family. The Counseling Department will continue to partner with you and our teachers to support your child(ren) in any capacity.  I will be checking my email during school hours if you or your child should need anything. I am also available to speak over the phone by request. My goal is to empower my students and promote their success for this year and many years to come. 

Below are some resources for both parents and students:



                     Important Dates and Info:


                                   CHARACTER OF THE MONTH

This year the counselors are implementing a character of the month program.  Each month will focus on a different character trait which will be introduced to the whole school during assembly on the first Monday of the month.  Students will be encouraged to demonstrate that trait all month long until it becomes part of their own character. The character traits include kindness, respectfulness, helpfulness, generosity, courage, loving others, consideration, and patience.


The month of April is all about BEEing patient with others around you. When you start to feel stressed take a deep breath or say a prayer if you're waiting in line to pass the time. Saying The Rosary is a beautiful way to practice mindfulness and patience in prayer.  Practicing patience is important because we all make mistakes. Fun activities that teach patience are baking, growing a plant from a seed, fishing, completing a puzzle or learning anything new! 


Please refer to the parent/student handbook for updated information on evaluations and special needs. (Section VI. Student Services page 13)

                                             New Student Shout Outs:

2nd:  Anderson Dotson    Layla Duthu            Ella Johnson       

3rd:   Scout Chavanne       Nora Mahoney       Camille Naquin

4th:   Ellie Lato

5th:   Savannah Cruz          Bella Mahoney       Sofia Sanchez