Student Services2nd-5th

Counselor’s Corner: 

Natalie Sloan, M.Ed, NCC, PLPC
Office Hours: Monday-Friday during school hours
Tel: 383-3871 Extension 125


The mission of our School Counseling Program is to provide a supportive environment in which each child can develop emotionally, socially, spiritually, physically, and academically. This is accomplished through classroom guidance, small group counseling, individual counseling, academic counseling, consultations, and parent training and support. We know that each child is an individual with specific needs, interests, and abilities so my overall goal is to help your child achieve success from a personal and academic standpoint.

I am also excited to announce that this year our faculty and staff will be implementing the growth mindset approach. What is growth mindset you may ask? Your mindset is a way of thinking that determines ones behavior, outlook, and attitude. In a fixed mindset, struggles or challenges define you. However, in a growth mindset, trials or challenges are seen as temporary setbacks and an opportunity to grow. The growth mindset is a scientific theory that suggests intelligence can be developed with perseverance and hard work.   Studies have shown that growth mindset results in higher test scores, better grades, and increased in-class involvement. At St. Aloysius we want to encourage our students to make mistakes and to learn from them.  We promote students to keep trying despite challenges, therefore creating an "I can do this" mentality.  We strive to praise students for their effort, determination, and persistence and not on how “smart” they are. I would like to encourage you to incorporate growth mindset at home and embrace problems as an opportunity to learn.

Each month I will be putting a short blurb on here to help encourage and reinforce this growth mindset mentality.

If you have any questions or concerns involving your child, please do not hesitate to contact me by email or phone. You can also check out the counseling homepage for further information.


Mrs. Sloan M.Ed., NCC, PLPC

     New Student Shoutouts:

3rd:   Carmen Sophia Mora                  4th:   Caroline McKay

            Callie Wright                                 5th:   Robert Bourg


Christmas Vacation: St. Joseph's Holliday Volleyball Camp-For girl's in grades 4th-8th. 

                                                                    **Flyer for Volleyball**



Every nine weeks, I will be making random checks of students assignment pads. At the end of the nine weeks, I will choose one boy and one girl to come have lunch in my office. These students are chosen because they have utilized their assignment pads diligently; writing all of their homework/tests down each day. They will have the opportunity to invite a friend of their choice where they will be able to enjoy board games, arts & crafts, and basketball in my office during their lunch period. 

      5th Grade Spiral Checks:

5th grade parents: I check Spirals every Monday morning before school from 7:15-7:45 and at recess from 11:25-11:45. Please remind your children that this service is offered to them. It is a great and easy way to receive full credit on these assignments.  One or two points, in the end, could mean all the difference in their final grade!

 Growth Mindset:



Many studies show that children who have a growth mindset respond positively to challenging situations and do better in school over time. As educators, we want to encourage our students to keep striving, keep learning, and keep going even if mistakes are made.

** All excerpts will be taken from The Growth Mindset Coach by Annie Brock and Heather Hundley.**

Brock, A., & Hundley, H. (2016). The Growth Mindset Coach. Canada: Marquis Book Printing.


                           We Love A Challenge


This month, we focus on challenging your child in ways that will develop their growth mindsets. 

Nurturing Environment + Challenging Work + High Expectations = Growth

When children are not sufficiently challenged, they become frustrated. Forcing a child to move away from a concept before they have mastered it, is a good way to develop those, "I stink at this!" attitudes that feed the fixed mindset. Consider working with your child on an assignment/concept in other ways in order to help them manage challenges more successfully in order to master the overall skill.

Here are some strategies to help:

1. Audio/Videos: Offer different vehicles for delivering information; such as videos and tutorials this can be extremely helpful especially if they are more of an auditory learner. 

2. Chunking: Break down complex tasks into manageable sections or chunks.

3. Manipulatives: Use hand-on manipulatives so your child can physically interact with the learning. (Such as blocks or chips when learning to count/group counting)

4. Jigsaw Learning: Your child works to complete assigned tasks within a group. Each member contributes to learning. (This can be a great strategy for your oldest ones who are preparing for Mid Terms). 

The combination of hard work and high expectations can create the perfect conditions for facilitating growth mindset, but only if struggle in the face of challenge is met with encouragement.

  Groups/Guidance Lessons:



October-November: Boys Fantastic Friends (2nd-4th)

November-December: Girls Fantastic Friends (4th)


Guidance Lessons: 


Intro to Counseling Program (2nd-5th)


Organization/Study Skills (2nd-5th)

Friendships (2nd)

Impulses/Self-Control (2nd, 4th)

Conflict Resolution (3rd)


Loving Ourselves & Others (4th-5th)

Intro to Brainology (5th)