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Merritt Guercio, M.Ed, LPC, NCC
Office Hours: Monday-Friday during school hours
383-3871 Extension 136 


It is my hope that this semester will be full of successful experiences for all students. I am excited to say that I got married this past November and am slowly transitioning to my new name, Mrs. Voitier! Of course, the students are still welcome to call me Mrs. Guercio. I have been enjoying their attempts at the pronunciation!  

Our school is continuing to participate in the Character of the Month program.  At the beginning of each month a different grade level has been introducing a new character trait in assembly. The character traits are kindness, respectfulness, helpfulness, service, generosity, courage, love, consideration, and patience. Students have been encouraged to demonstrate the trait all month along with our faculty and staff. As a school family and community we hope to grow in these Fruits of the Spirit. We encourage you to practice these at home and engage in conversation with your families. Here are our character traits for the rest of our school year.

January: BEE brave this new year by reaching out to others and including new people.

February: BEE loving by serving others in your community and those less fortunate.

March: BEE considerate of our environment by picking up trash, recycling and reducing waste.

April: BEE patient with others around you because everyone makes mistakes.

May: BEE you by being your best self and leaving a positive lasting impression! BEE; kind, respectful, helpful, generous, brave, loving, considerate, and patient!  Be the saint that God called you to be!


This semester our counseling department will have a student intern, Natalie Lanata. She is currently enrolled in Vanderbilt University’s online Master’s degree program in school counseling. Natalie is a graduate of St. Aloysius, St. Joseph’s Academy and Louisiana State University. She has also been one of our extension program counselors for the past 4 years and has worked closely with many of our students and families. As part of her internship experience Natalie will be participating in class lessons, small group facilitation and individual sessions with students. If you do not wish for your child to see Ms. Lanata or have any questions, please email your grade level counselor.