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Merritt Guercio, M.Ed, NCC, PLPC
Office Hours: Monday-Friday during school hours
383-3871 Extension 133 


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Lunch and Learn with the Counselors:

When: Thursday, March 23, 2017                                                  

Where: Parish Hall

Time: 11:30-12:30

What: This is the third installment of our four-part series on How to Raise Happy, Healthy Children.

We are happy to announce that Mary T Heffron deBrueys, MCD, CCC the founder of Peer+Plus, a diagnostic and tutorial service will be presenting her workshop entitled, "Who's Doing the Homework?" with all of you.

"Who's Doing the Homework?" helps parents learn how to withdraw from repeating their child's current grade level themselves! This presentation will give practical pointers to parents on how to ensure independence by developing self-study techniques with their child.  Concrete study methods that a child can use should start to replace parents "calling out" material or "hearing" their child's or children's work. Also, distinctions will be made between typical students vs. those who need remedial assistance due to language and/or learning differences. 

A light lunch will be served.

**A flyer to RSVP will be sent out in an upcoming Lion's roar**


Random Acts of Kindness Week:

When: February 13-17 2017                                                           

We are asking our students to do as many kind acts as possible.

Each day a daily kindness challenge will be announced at assembly.

Daily Challenge: 

Monday’s challenge: Help out a classmate in need

Tuesday’s challenge: Pick up trash around your campus

Wednesday’s challenge: Pray for a friend or classmate

Thursday’s challenge: Offer someone encouraging words

Friday’s challenge: Smile at as many people as possible 


Going beyond “How was your day?” continued….

I invite you to continue to encourage engaging conversations with your children, particularly with questions that promote growth mindset. The following are a list of questions to help with thought provoking conversations for your children.


What did you do today that made you think hard?
What happened today that made you keep going?
What can you learn from this?
What mistake did you make that taught you something?
What did you try hard at today?
What strategy are you going to try now?
What will you do to challenge yourself today?
What can you do to improve your work?
What will you do to improve your talent?
What can you do so solve this problem?
What did you learn from today's performance?
What steps did you take to make you successful today?
What are some different strategies you could have used?
How did you keep going when things got tough?



St. Aloysius School, along with all other diocesan schools, will be using the ACT Aspire for standardized testing instead of the Terra Nova.  The ACT Aspire consists of both periodic and summative assessments given throughout the school year in grades three through eight.  More information can be found at



Here are a few tips to help get back in the swing of things.

Take advantage of extra help sessions offered by teachers.
Utilize online resourses and textbooks.  Teachers have links posted on their website.
Use other online resources such as and
Re-read the textbook, notes, and any other material given.  Pay close attention to pictures and diagrams in the text.

If you need a tutor, you can contact me for a list of available tutors.