Ms. Amanda Register 4th Grade Teacher

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December 11-15, 2017


Icing and cartons due Monday, Dec. 18

Reading- We will finish reading The Best Christmas Pageant Ever.  Quiz on chapters 5-7 is Friday.  

English- Quiz Thursday on Unit 3, sections 8-10.    We will also  work on finishing up the expository essay.

Spelling- No test this week.  We will do our regualar in class activities.

Social Studies-This week we are learning about Africa.  There will be no test on this chapter.  Students will complete several in class assignments that will count as assessments.

Science-   We will continue unit on electricity and magnetism.  Science lab Wednesday.  Open packet test on Thursday.

Math- Finish ch. 10.  Test on Ch. 10 Thursday.

 Keep practicing those multiplication facts at home!!