Ms. Amanda Register 4th Grade Teacher

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Week of September 16-20

Enrichment- Music

All Week- Used Jean collection going on

Wednesday-STPs sent home/SS Test/ Speaker Series- Be Cyber Safe with Corey Bourgeois 6:00-8:30

Thursday- Spiral due

Friday- All School Mass/Food Bank/ Science Test/ Math Test/ Field Trip form due*

* Please sign and return the permission slip.  Make sure to check the lunch option and chaperone option at the bottom.  (Please check one for lunch and one for chaperone.)  No money is needed, these fees are included in tution.             


English- Students will work on writing a paragraph telling a story/event in sequence or explaining how to do something, step by step.

Reading- This week we will finish Because of Winn Dixie.  For this story, the assessment will be done in class.  Students will be asked to answer 2 questions in paragraph form using evidence from the text to support their answer.  There will also be a Fresh Read with comprehension questions to answer.  Students will be allowed to use textbook and packet to answer the questions.

Vocabulary- Week 5 words given on 9/16.  Study meaning, synonyms, and antonyms.

Social Studies-  We will read about the colonies leading up to the American Revolution.  Test Wednesday on chapters 3-5.

Science-  Students will continue Force and Motion in TB.  Test Friday on Lesson 1.  Students will be asked to match important terms with the meaning.  Students will also answer questions that ask them to apply what they have learned to the situation given in questions.

Math-  Spiral due Thursday.  We will work on a quick review of addition and subtration from ch. 3.  Test on this chapter is Friday.


*******MANY students are still struggling with addition, subtraction, and multiplication facts.  All students should be able to quickly solve basic math facts at this point.  If your child is still struggling, PLEASE practice at home.  If you need extra resources to practice, please let me know!  Thank you!*********