Ms. Amanda Register 4th Grade Teacher

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August 13-August 17

School Pictures Monday

All School Mass Wednesday- Please support the Food Bank if able.

Reading- This week we will work on activities for Pollyanna.  Students will be given a Choice Menu and will choose 4 to complete and turn in.  We will have a short comprehension quiz on Pollyanna on Thursday.  Friday we will start Robinson Crusoe.  Students should have the book in class by then.

English- This week we will start unit 1 in the text.  Students will identify sentence fragments and complete sentences. Students will review the types of sentences.  There will be a quiz on sections 1-3 of Unit 1 on Friday.

Math- This week we will work on Ch. 1, Place Value.  We will have a quiz on sections 1-4 on Tuesday, August 21st.

Social Studies- This week we are working on map skills.  Students will use map scale correctly and find locations using lines of latitude and longitude.  The test on the first SS packet will be mid to late next week.

Science- Our first chapter is on the Respiratory System.  Students need to bring a Gatorade bottle with the top removed by Thursday, August 23.  I will post a picture of what this should look like soon.  I will also show the students what it should look like.