Ms. Brandi Matthis 7th Grade Science

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7th Grade Science, Mrs. Matthis

This semester, our class will study Biology

Cells and Heredity

1. Cell Structure and Function

2. Cell Processes and Energy

3. Genetics: The Science of Heredity 

4. Modern Genetics

5. Changes over Time (Evolution)


We are working on Creating Graphs in class.  This is a great tool for the students to learn, create , and read as most standardized tests contain charts and graphs.

On October 27th, all 7th graders will be allowed to carve pumpkins.  Each student is to bring in a "MEDIUM" sized pumpkin to be carved and distributed to the younger grade levels.  PLEASE BRING PUMPKIN IN BY 10/26.  Put your name on the Bottom of the pumpkin and place outside by the garden.  NOT on top of any other plants!!


 Ch 3 Outline