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7th Grade Science, Mrs. Matthis

This semester, our class will study Chemistry


1. Chemical Reactions

2. Atoms and Bonding

3. Acids, Bases, and Solutions

4. Exploring Materials


Chemistry is the study of the properties of matter and how matter changes. 

In this book, we will study the basics of chemistry.  Subject topics such as, physical and chemical changes, the periodic table, valence electrons, acids and bases, ions and covalent bonding, and solving chemical equations.

In chapter 2, the students will have a project using the Periodic Table.  At this point, the students will have the knowledge of "reading" the periodic table.  The project will be done mostly in school with some of the construction done at home.  This is a fun project and the kids really enjoy it.


In class, the students are working on the Bohr's model and how to find the valence electrons on the Periodic Table.  The students are starting to learn how the table works and how to use it as a reference.

Lewis Dot Diagram

Charts are in the outline for practice on getting the Protons, Neutrons, and Electrons for the given elements.


Chapter 2 outline due:

Section 2- March 2, 2018              

Section 3- March 6, 2018

Section 4- March 8, 2018

Section 5 - NOT DUE!!!

3/6/18- Media Center (Research, type, or work on project)

3/7/18- Science Lab Activity

3/9/18- SCIENCE PROJECT DUE in MEDIA center in the morning before homeroom


Please use the websites provided for extra help at home.

Chemical Equations Practice with Answers


Codes for GOOGLE Classroom:

4th hour - h73v5d

5th hour - ssmyuty

6th hour - plsyly

7th hour - 78aie5m