Ms. Brandi Matthis 7th Grade Science and Reading

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7th Grade Science, Mrs. Matthis

Your child’s textbook is different from most—it’s meant for students to write in it. Therefore, it is a record of learning. Look through lessons your child has completed recently, and be sure to ask lots of questions. One of the best ways for students to check on their learning is to explain it to someone else.


  • Ask your child about homework assignments and check that he or she has completed them.
  • Help your child collect materials and information for school activities.
  • Encourage computer literacy. Advise your child to use computers, tablets, or other devices in school or at the library. If you have a home computer, help your child do research online.

​TEST 2/18/19 TOPIC 1 Lesson 3 & 4

7th Grade Science




Recap information on Viruses, and bacteria
Students will understand the difference between a protists and fungi
Students will explain different types of protists and fungi



Students will discuss Science Fair topic.  The class will come up with their Procedure
Students will identify and describe evidence

To identify the forms and functions of different plants and animals

Students will interpret data to

Determine the organism’s characteristics

Students will construct explanations that

Explain plant and animal traits





TLW: Go over study Guide



Topic 1 Lesson 3 & 4 TEST


Anatomy of a Science Fair Poster Board

How to create a Science Fair Project

Example (Science fair project)

Science Fair Timeline

Starting your RESEARCH paper