Ms. Carol Hill 7th Grade Religion

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Welcome to 7th grade Religion. This will be an exciting year for your children! It is my hope that as Children of God we will all grow each and every day to serve the Lord and be his voice and hands in the world.



Welcome to the New Year!!! This nine weeks we will focus on the New Testament organization and timeline. The students will work on units that teach the parables and Beatitudes of Matthew's gospel, the "signs" or miracles in John's gospel, and the Sacraments of Healing. All of these will be enhanced by our classroom discussions, Study Guides and activities or projects. We will spend some time with our Prayer Partners at Mass in January and make a visit to their classrooms. The students will celebrate Catholic Schools week at the end of January, and have their 7th Garade Retreat in mid February. This is a wonderful experience for all of us.!!! A special unit of study will be on the Mass. We will study the responses to Mass, the Nicene Creed, and identify some of the vestments and vessels used at our celebration of the Eucharist. I hope that this will make the students more comfortable with the sacrament of the Eucharist. Finally, we will discuss the season of Lent, and enjoy several rituals, prayers, and practices that help us to keep our Lenten promises.