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October News 

Sight words- We will introduce the following sight words this month: me, with, see, look, they, you, she, of, from. Words we have already introduced: I, am, the, little, to, a, we, like, my, have, is

Reading- We are identifying rhyming words, clapping syllables, practicing sight words and identifying letters and their sounds

Math- We have been sorting objects by color, size, shape, and other distinguising features. This month we will make tally marks when counting objects or responses to a question. As we continue to use this skill, students will begin to graph information and analyze the data using words such as greater than, less than and equal to.

Religion- Jesus, Our Lord & Savior; Prayers: Hail Mary, Glory Be, & Angel of God

Social Studies/ Science- Our 5 Senses, Seasons and Zoo animals

Handwriting- Help your child practice writing his or her name. Please practice writing it the "school way"

October Reminders

October 1- Blessing of the Rosaries

October 4- Blessing of the animals

October 6- NO SCHOOL

October 13- Mass; Zoo field trip permission slips are due by October 13th

October 18- Parent conferences

October 20- Grandparetns Day

October 27-29- Fair

*Keep working on tying shoes at home.

*We will be collecting box tops and community coffee labels all year. Please put it in a ziploc labeled Kindergarten.

October Birthdays

Cooper- October 28th

Dylan- October 30th

Kindergarten Sight Words:

Our Kindergarten Day:
















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