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 Welcome to Kindergarten!

Lunch time: 10:15-10:45




January 2020 

Welcome back!


Sight words: I am noticing that many students are having trouble with color words.. Please be sure to review these words this week.  We are also reviewing “white and with”. These are commonly mixed up. New words for January are the numeral words zero - ten. We will continue to assess the 50 sight words from August- January. They are listed in the review below. You will receive a sheet of your child’s progress in the next couple of weeks.


Review This week we are working on the following: Letters/sounds: All Letter names/sounds, sh, ch, th, ng, adding –ing, -ed, long a (a_e) , ee, long I (i_e) long o as in bone, oo as in moon,  New: er, ue, ai Sight words review:  was, yes, no,all, what, up, on, because, with, he, at, me, pink, grey, green, purple, white, blue, black , brown, orange, pink, yellow, go, play, red, my, look, see, have, is, we, like, can, the, little, a, to, I, am, she, you, zero, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten. 


 Math: Count from 1-50, Recognize 1-31 on a calendar, recognize and identify 2D and 3D shapes, Measurement


Religion------Jesus calls us to pray. Learning the Lord’s Prayer. Holy name of Jesus


STEM/ Social Studies--- Penguins, polar bears, Antarctica, ice and snow?? Maps and globes

January sayings:: “ A dog is man’s best friend.”


Important Dates:

January 13-- Science lab

January 17--Mass, progress reports sent home

January 20--MLK holiday

January 21--Class pictures

January 22--Grandparents Day

January 27--Catholic schools week

January 31--- wear spirit shirts

January---100 days of school! Will send date later!!