Ms. Christy Jackson Pre-K Teacher

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January and Feburary 


Welcome Back!!!  This new year we are getting ready for Kindergarten. We are really working hard on the rest of the letters and the sounds they make .

Jan 6- Letter Ww- Whale and Winter Tree

Jan 13- Letter Rr- Rainbow and Robot

Jan 20-  Letter Qq- Quilt and Question Mark

Jan 27- Letter Vv- Violin and Valentine


Feb- 3 Letter Bb  Bumble Bee and Balloon

Feb 10 Letter Dd- Dinosaur and Dog 

Feb 17-  Letter Uu- Underwater and Umbrella

Feb 24-28 - Mardi Gras Holidays 




The valentine exchange will be on Friday Feb. 14. Each child will need a valentine or plain gift bag to collect their valentines and 26 valentines to distribute to their classmates.

You may send candy with the cards, but no peanuts or nuts and no  peanut butter candy please.

Please write from your child's name not to a specific child as it will help us with

giving out the valentines. Valentines and Valentine bag will be due by Wed. Feb 12.                                                         


 Our annual Mardi Gras parade will be held on Friday Feb. 21 right before the Mardi Gras holiday.

Please decorate a wagon with Mardi Gras colors and have your throws in the wagon. 8th graders will pull the wagons around in the

gym..  parents are welcome to sit in the bleachers and cheer us on. 

The parade usually begins first thing in the morning after they have said their morning prayers around 7:45 AM. 


***Communication - I will have a weekly email but if you need to contact me send a note in your child folder or my email is – I can check during the day:  enrichment and nap time