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I can't believe we are already in the month of February! The kiddos are learning so much and growing up so fast. We are moving forward on learning all the letters of the Alaphabet and the sounds they make. Also, we are learning about quanity and measure in Math along with the numbers 1-30. Valentine's Day is coming up and we will be doing so fun activities . We will also continue  talking  about God's  love for us. 

 Important Dates :

Feb. 4th  - No School - In Service Work Day

Feb 14th- Valentine Day Exchange - see below for details

March 1st- Mardi Gras Parade- see below for details

March 4th -8th-  Mardi Gras Holidays


We do not have a Valentine’s Day party but we do exchange valentines.  We have 24 children in our class. The valentines can be signed but they do not need to be addressed to each child. This makes it easier to hand them out. Remember, NO NUTS OR GUM. We will decorate a bag for the valentines. Please send a plain (any color), medium size (approx. 10”X13”) or larger gift bag to school to decorate.  Hobby Lobby or the $ store usually has these. We will decorate or bags and exchange valentines on Thursday, February 14th.  You can bring the valentines the day before or the morning of February 14th. We will start handing out valentines as soon as the children arrive to school.


On, Friday, March 1, we will have our Mardi Gras Parade in the gym. Please decorate a wagon and bring it to school on the morning of the parade. Please have whatever your child plans to throw in the wagon. The parade will roll at 7:45 sharp. Your child may dress up if they choose to do so. Usually something over their clothes (free dress for Pre-k that day) is easier to take off after the parade.  Please line up the wagons on the sidewalk between the primary building and the library. It is a tradition that the 8th grade students pull the pre-school children in their wagons through the gym. Parents will not be allowed to pull the wagons. All parents are welcome to stay and watch the parade in the gym.  All parents need to sit in the bleachers to allow plenty of room for wagons and the children from other grades. Please let me know as  it gets closer to Mardi Gras if your child needs to ride with someone. 


 Weekly Letter Schedule:

Feb 4th-  Letter Bb - Letter Bb - Bee and Butterfly  

Feb 11th - Letter Dd-  Dinosaurs, and Dog

 Feb 18th-Letter Uu- Unicorn, Underwater  

 Feb 25th -   Letter Kk - Kangroo and Kite

March 4th- Mardi Gras

March 11th -Letter Zz- Zebras and Zippers

March 18th- Gg - Garden and Goats

March 25th Oo- Owls and Octoptus  

*** Here are the Letters that we have studied so far 

F, A, S, L, P, N, X, H, M, ,I, Y, J, C, W, R, Q, V,


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