Ms. Christy Jackson Pre-K Teacher

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We are now settling in to our routine of Preschool. We learning so much and having so much fun doing it. I am enjoying watching them learn and watching them interact with their friends.  Singing, dancing and reading many Amazing stories are a few of the many things we do. We are learning about God's love for us through many great stories in the Bible.  We are continuing the Letter of the Week. We are identifying positional words , Numbers 1-10 and different types of patterns in Math

Important dates:

Oct. 5th and Oct. 8th- FALL BREAK

Oct 26th - Parent/ Teacher conferences and   SAS FAIR BEGINS  

Nov. 1st - Global Wildlife Fieldtrip


 Weekly Letter Schedule:

Oct.1st  Letter P- Pig Craft and Pumpkin craft , 

Oct. 8th Letter N- Night Sky and Ninja Turtle craft

Oct. 15th - Letter X- Xylophone  Craft   

Oct. 22nd Letter H- Horse and Hippo Craft 

 Oct 29th Letter M- Mouse craft and Monster Craft



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