Ms. Debbie Michael 6th Grade Science and 5th Grade Computer

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Welcome to 6th Grade Science!!!!  

My goal is to inspire higher level thinking as students learn scientific facts and discoveries.  I want to develop students who wonder why things happen, how they affect other things, and learn to problem solve on how we can improve upon what we already have.  I aim to do this in a number of different ways:

  • STEM Days - STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.  On these days, students will compete as teams to complete a Challenge.  These are not graded but are, instead, a fun class competition.  To complete these challenges, students must use problem solving and engineering practices.
  • Garden Days - One day each month is dedicated to working in the gardens and helping Ms. Murphy in whatever capacity she needs help.  Tasks include weeding, pulling up old plants, planting, turning soil, moving soil, and any other number of jobs necessary.  I like the 6th graders to take pride in their school and learn to give instead of only receiving from their school environment.
  • Interactive Science notebooks - In student notebooks, students will keep notes, vocabulary, diagrams, and other learning devices.  I try to use a number of different techniques to relate to our many different types of learners.

We are just beginning our final unit on Inside Earth.  We will begin with learning the different layers of the earth, and the early theories of plate tectonics and continental drift.