Ms. Debbie Michael 6th Grade Science, 5th Grade Computer

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Welcome to 6th Grade Science!!!!  

We have just begun our unit on Astronomy.  In this unit, we will study the sun, the life stages of a star, and the history of our universe.  My plan is to cover the first half of the unit before Christmas, and the second half after Christmas.  


In addition to our Astronomy unit, we will have two STEM days, a garden day, and a field trip in the next few weeks.  This will be a busy but fun time of year!!  Please refer to the 6th grade calendar for important dates!


The test on Friday will cover The Sun and 3:1.  3:2 WILL NOT be on the test...we will finish that section after Christmas.

Quizlet for The Sun and Tools of Modern Astronomy

Answers for the Review Puzzle are here