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October 2018


Here’s what’s happening in Mrs. Debra and Mrs. Sharon’s class:


Our class has been very busy this past month exploring patterns, decomposing numbers, sequencing story events and learning to read.  Each day we practice breaking words down into individual sounds and blending sounds to make new words.  We are becoming very good at hearing sounds and reading words.  We have already learned most of the letter sounds along with several digraphs (ng, th, ch, sh, ck).  Sight words covered so far are:  I, a, to, little, is, have, the, am, yes, no, red, like, likes, at, and, orang, black, we, my. 



During October, we will continue to decompose numbers and count sets, work on letter-sound identification, and vowel teams - all while using our growth mindset!  As always, we still have plenty of time for singing, dancing, and having fun!



A special thanks to everyone who has sent goodies for our Prize Box---You are the best!! Continue to clean out that toy box and send gently used items to school for our prize box.  It is a great way to re-cycle!


At any time, please feel free to replace your child’s current folder with a new folder.  Any color or type is acceptable.





 What is the most effective innovation/influence in education that increases student achievement?  Answer—Student expectations.  All students can be challenged.  It is important to develop high expectations for all students relative to their starting point.


October 4:  Blessing of the Animals

October 5 - 8:  Fall Break – no school

October 19: all school mass

October 26: Parent/Teacher Conferences; no school for PK-4

October 26 -28:  Fair Weekend



October Birthdays

Max:  October 12



Wish List:
Dry Erase markers
Play -doh

If you have questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me.





Kindergarten Sight Words









7:45-7:55             Prayer, Pledge, Music

7:55-8:10             Journals/ Handwriting Without Tears

8:10-8:25             Movement and Calendar Math

8:25-8:45             Phonics

8:45-9:05             Recess and Bathrooms

9:05-9:50            Lang. Art/Reading Groups/ Independent Learning (15 min.)

9:50-10:20           Centers

10:20-10:45       Lunch

10:45-12:10         Centers (Monday:  Spanish 11:50-12:10)

12:15-12:35       Snacks/Recess

12:35-1:05           Enrichment

1:05-1:30            Social Living/Science/Math Practice

1:30-1:45               Religion

1:45-2:35               Restime

2:35-2:50               Pack-up/Story time

2:50                        Dismissal