Ms. Jamie Broyles 7th Grade English

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Week  of 4/24/17

Exam folder due tomorrow 4/27.

All notes, handouts, and the study guide must be in the folder. Your study guide doesn't have to be completed. It is due Wed. May 9. 

Click here for a checklist for your English exam. This is only to help you organize your exam folder and make sure you have everything you need. 

Click here for the study guide. Study guide is due Thurs. April 27th. Print it out and put it in your exam folder. This is worth homework points!

Click here for directions for Smug Mug directions.

Wordly Wise- WW Unit 11 A-E will be due the Mon. May 1st. Quiz will be the Tues. May 2nd. 

Grammar- We have one more grammar lesson integrated with a writing assignment.