Ms. Jan Kleiner 2nd Grade Teacher, Extension

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     The end of the school year will be here in a flash.  The children will have a very busy nine weeks.  This week we will begin our life cycle unit.  The children will learn about the life cycle of a frog, plants, and chickens.  We began incubating chickens on the first.   Our chicks will begin hatching around the 21st.  The children are so excited.  After Easter, we will  study insects.  The children will observe caterpillar's cocooning.  After our science units,  the children will learn about some of the countries in Asia, which are China, Japan, India .  The children will also learn about old and New Greece.  In Math,  we will finish 3 digit numbers and begin Fractions.  Next, we will begin our measurement unit wich includes length, weight, capacity perimeter, and area.  We will end the school year with multiplication and division. 


Weekly Spelling Words


Dates to Remember:

March 16----------Conferences

March 18----------Afternoon of reflection for First Eucharist

March 23----------All School Mass

March 30-6-------Easter Holidays-No School

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