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Happy Springtime

March and April 

Spring is in the air and we are all enjoying this beautiful time of the year. It gives us many opportunities for learning

outside in this great spring weather.  We are reading books outside, writing and drawing with sidewalk chalk, making our

own bubbles and enjoying the science tables by the big garden. During these months we will be talking about many things from 

robins to rainbows, seasons and shapes, numbers 1-20, color words, planting in the garden, seeds, worms, weather and what is underground.  Another fun topic is the USA...we will discuss some important places in the USA, some facts about our country

the flag, the statue of Liberty, the White HOuse, and the Fourth of July. 

During these months we are busy with our extra acts of kindness and prayers for LENT.  Our daily prayers and conversations

about kindness, love and hope are centered around Jesus and the stories from the Bible. Recently, we talked about Noah's Ark

and the rainbow as his promise to us. We are drawing pictures about people we would like to say prayers for and brought them to

church during the 24 hours of prayer. The good deed notices have been important to the class and they enjoy sharing the stories 

about their good deeds and acts of kindness with the class.

Important dates for March:

March 2          24 hours of prayer

March 5-9       Shapes, Shapes, Shapes

March 11          Daylight savings time- spring forward one hour

March 9            Daycare fish fry

March 12-15      Seasons  and St. Patrick Day

March 15            St. Patrick's Day--wear green and bring a green show n tell

March 16            no school for Prek - parent teacher conferences

March 19-23      USA/Louisiana unit

March 23             Favorite Toy day

March 23             Treat- filled Easter Eggs are due

March 26-30       Easter art week

March 27               Easter Egg hunt at school in the football field

March 30              Good Friday- no school

March 30-April 6  Happy Easter - no school

Important dates for April:

April 9             Return to school

April 9-13        worms and underground

April 16-20      Zoo Animals

April 18           Field trip to Knock Knock museum

April 23-May 4   Art with the Masters unit

May 7-11          Prek Fun Week 

May 16             Prek Grandparents Day

May 18             Last day for Prek

Happy Birthday hugs and kisses to:

For March:      Hardin  3/11          Juliette     3/28

For April:          Treuil    4/1          Madeline     4/12          Evan     4/13          Fletcher     4/19

For May:            Audrey     5/31

For June:            Sadie       6/9            Sarah Kathryn         6/9

For July:            Margaret     7/8           Camden        7/17


Star of the Week:

March:     Sadie  3/5-9         Sarah Kathryn    3/12-16          Sophia     3/19-23          Treuil    3/26-30

April:         Trey     4/9-13     Juliette     4/16-20         Kate Ellet     4/23-27

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