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January/ February News



January/ February News


We were all very excited to return to play and work with friends, have fun in the sunshine on the

playground, get back to the school routine and enjoy being with each other.  Our class will welcome in the New 

Year with Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow-  making snowmen, writing winter words, reviewing letters, 

sounds and numbers, making some winter patterns and marble painting snowflakes.


Important dates for January:

Jan 6-10                        Think snow

Jan 13                              Geaux Tigers

Jan 13-24                       Nursery Rhymes(2 weeks) numbers 1-20, Night time vs. Daytime

Jan 20                              MLK holiday no school---be a peacemaker

Jan 21                              Class pictures

Jan 22                               Grandparents Day for PreK and K

Jan 27-31                          Opposites and Owls


February News


February brings Valentine wishes of love and screams of "throw me something mister".  The valentine exchange

will be on Friday Feb. 14. Each child will need a valentine or plain gift bag to collect their valentines and 26 valentines to distribute to their classmates. You may send candy with the cards, but no peanuts or nuts and no

peanut butter candy please. Please write from your child's name not to a specific child as it will help us with

giving out the valentines. Valentines and Valentine bag will be due by Wed. Feb 12.                                                          Our annual Mardi Gras parade will be held on Friday Feb. 21 right before the Mardi Gras holiday. Please decorate

a wagon with Mardi Gras colors and have your throws in the wagon. 8th graders will pull the wagons around in the

gym..parents are welcome to sit in the bleachers and cheer us on.  The parade usually begins first thing in 

the morning after they have said their morning prayers around 7:45 AM. 


Important dates for February:

Feb 3                               No school- Faculty Spiritual work day

Feb 4-8                           PIGS

Feb 10-14                       Valentine Art

Feb 14                              Valentine exchange

Feb17-21                           Mardi Gras Art

Feb 21                                Mardi Gras Parade

Feb 24-28                        Mardi Gras holiday

Mar 2-6                             Rainbows and colors all around


HAPPY JANUARY BIRTHDAY TO                                MAKELY   1/12

   we love you and send you birthday hugs and kisses



Jan 6        Jacob

Jan 13       Jane Turner

Jan 20       Jeb

Jan 27        Lindley

Feb 3           Makely

Feb 10         Maria

Feb 17          Mary Grace

Mar 2           McClain

We would like to thank everyone again for all of your thoughtfulness and generosity during Christmas time.

We are truly blessed....thank you and Happy New Year.

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