Ms. Lauren O'Brien 3rd Grade Teacher

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This week in…

Enrichment: P.E.

Library: Thursday

Computer Lab: Tuesday



Chapter 6: Money (see math folder for more information)


I wanna Iguana
Comprehension Skill: Compare and Contrast
Comprehension Strategy: Visualize
Vocabulary Strategy: Synonyms
Test Tuesday October 24th  
Begin “Supermarket” Wednesday


Final Syllable -le
Spelling Test Wednesday October 25th  
There will be NO spelling words to go with “Supermarket.” We skipped this story a few weeks ago and moved it to go along with money. We have already covered the spelling words that accompany this story.


Singular and Plural Nouns
Test Friday October 27th


Early Americans
Test Chapters 1-4 Tuesday October 24th
Continue chapters 5-7

Design and build Native American homes; Be looking for a sign-up sheet for items needed for this project

Have a great weekend!