Ms. Lauren O'Brien 3rd Grade Teacher

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This week AND next week in…

Enrichment: Music/Art

Science Lab: Next Wednesday, May 3rd


Suki’s Kimono
Comprehension Skill: Compare and Contrast
Comprehension Strategy: Visualize
Vocabulary Strategy: Synonyms
Test Tuesday, May 1st


Chapter 25-27
Identifying fractions, adding fractions with a common denominator, finding the decimals of some fractions, ordering fractions from least to greatest, be able to explain and write about fractions.
Test Friday, May 5th  (subject to change)


Unit 5, Week 1: Syllable CV/VC
Test Friday, April 28th
Unit 5, Week 2: Homophones


Adjectives and Articles


We have started studying the brain and nervous system. This unit provides many hands on activities and the kids are all really excited. We will be dissecting a sheep brain on Wednesday, May 3rd in the science lab at 1:00. Please join us if you can!
Test Wednesday, May 3rd
We will begin Astronomy on Thursday

Have a great weekend!