Ms. M.E. Bernhardt 5th Grade Reading & Religion

5th grade Reading


March - ongoing Bonus until end of 3rd 9 weeks : Students may memorize and recite to class a classic poem:

1. Jabberwocky

2. O Captain! My Captain!

3. The Road Not Taken


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  • 1.  3rd 9 weeks we will focus on creating a working poetry portfolio and learning about various poets - both American and British while studying great classic poems. Students are responsible to maintain a 3 pronged working portfolio that displays his/her work for each poem studied or activity created. A final great will be assessed.
  • Quiz on Civil War Poetry:
    1)Summarize the historical poem Barbara Frietchie.... Why is it a narrative poem? Explain 2 reasons why.

          2) What famous poem did Julia Howe Ward write? Why did Howe write this poem and what did she believe about the war? 

          3)  Know the difference between literal and figurative meaning in the poem O Captain ! My Captain!

  • 3.  Book Talk - Students should be reading  novels, books  - any book of choice. Wednesday, February 28 students will present a book talk. We have been working closely with Ms. Anne Blanchard in the library on encouraging life long readers - building a passion for reading. See the "Book Talk" link for ideads on how to present a book talk.

Poetry Section:

I like to See It Lap the Miles

  • Metaphor/Similie Activity

The Eagle

  • activity - Image of poem for portfolio

Casey at the Bat

  • Summary Writing of poem - due Friday , January 12 - 5 pts. Class lesson on Summary writing

​I like to See it lap the Miles

  • Lyric (song) activity

​I Hear America Singing


I , Too

  • Students create a venn Diagram demonstrating the similaries and differences of poem

The Arrow and The Song

  • Illustrate image of this poem

Some Opposites

  • Illustrate image of poem


  • Story map of the poem of template provided

Civil War Poems:

Barbara Frietchie - assignment illustrate the Confederate and Union Flags

Battle Hymn of the Republic - writing activity

O Captain! My Captain!  -civil war quiz

The Road Not Taken - Leaf writing paragraph activity

THE SNOWSTORM - free verse poem and picture of BR snowdays

How I Love Thee



Encourage Students to READ READ READ! List of popular series.