Ms. M.E. Bernhardt 5th Grade Reading & Religion

5th grade Reading


4th 9 weeks

  • May 1-10
  • Students took MC Secret Garden test. Grades posted
  • Students worked in garden twice helping beautify school and help grade K with a project
  • ACT PRACTICE Aspire Test Wed, May 1
  • Scholastic Read Thursday and Friday
  • quiz on Reading Comprehension Friday, May 3
  • Begin Midsummer Night's Dream May 6


BOOK PROJECT DUE Last Book Report:

    • Tuesday, May 14  - 25 pt Project. Print your specific assignment and rubric at home
      • Select one of following Book Project ideas (EXCEPT: Mobile, Movie poster, Glossary and word search, Test)
      • Students may complete and present early
  • Welcome letter and Reading Curriculum covered


*Scholastic Student login is:    aloysius




Encourage Students to READ READ READ! List of popular series.