Ms. M.E. Bernhardt 5th Grade Reading & Religion

5th grade Reading

March / 4th 9 weeks:

Students must keep up with all poems and poem activities... there is a final grade for a Poetry Portfolio.

  • Students must complete READWORKS Assignment on google classroom.
  1. The Eagle/ I like to see It Lap the Miles - eagle illustration and figurative language handout on music
  2. Jabberwocky - activity ... on handout provided, create a story map of the poem. Due January 19
  3. Road Not Taken - activity: create own poem that incites a choice you have to or had made
  4. snowstorm - activity : Explain a time when you were struck inside due to weather (Baton Rouge Snow Storm 2017) or a situation you wanted to go outside to play , but could not. Students will write a cohesive paragraph and add a citation from either of the nature poems. 
  5. Casey at the Bat poem / activity handed out in class
  6. some opposites / activity example
  7. The Arrow and the Song
  8. How do I love thee
  9. A Poison Tree - create a flow map that depicts poem in sequencial order
  10. TYGER -  Activity: Write a paragraph 5-7 sentences about : "What Makes You Most Angry" Make sure you focus on 1 topic 
  11. O Captain! My Captain ! poem ... activity : Handout with questions
  12. The Battle Hymn of the Republic - activity : Handout completed.. favorite church hymn
  13. Barbara Frietchie - Activity: Since this is a NARRATIVE poem, thus tells a story. Write a summary of this poem - answering the following questions in a paragraph: (Who is involved, What happens, When does it take place, What is the main struggle, How does it end?)
  14. I Hear America Singing - The poem lists many jobs of Americans in the late 1800s. Create a flow map (chart/ design) of a job/ Occupation you are interested in completing. 
  15. I , Too - Create a Venn Diagram of this poem on one side and I Hear America Singing on the other... show the differences and similaries of the poem... Remember, how little to NO Rights African Americans had in  the late 1800s and early 1900s. Langston Hughes writes this with a determined tone. Notice in the movie, "The Great Debators" how determined the character is and how direct his tone is to his students. 

BOOK PROJECT DUE: 4th 9 weeks book project date not set yet. Students should be reading a free read book every night!

Students must present a book project per 9 weeksA 

Book Project assignment is in Google Classroom



*Scholastic Student login is:    aloysius




Encourage Students to READ READ READ! List of popular series.