Ms. Marla Lefeve 6th Grade Religion & Social Studies

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Welome to 6th Grade Religion! 

What will learn this year in Religion?:

1.  The Bible and how to read  it

2.  The Old Testament stories

3.  How to keep a personal prayer journal

4.  Different ways to pray 

5.  The Liturgical Calendar

6.  The Theology of the Body Teachings

7.  The Sacraments

8. How to make a knotted Rosary

9. Catholic Social Teachings

What will learn this week?    August 13-17, 2018

1.  What are you "grateful for" ?  You will decorate a "grateful star" listing all of the things that you are grateful for!    

2.  Session 1:  The Bible, its origin,  and how its organized - also, how to find Bible verses in a snap!

3.  Who is St. Jerome?

3,  ART PRINT:  What is an Illuminated Bible?  

4.  How to  transcribe and Illuminate your own Bible story

Homework:  Due Friday, August 17:  stickers and tape to decorate prayer journals (5pts)

Study Guide: Session 1: Due Friday, August 17:  work on during class and/or homework if not finished by Thursday. (10 pt.)

Upcoming Test:    Thursday, August 23, 2018 -  Session 1