Ms. Marla Lefeve 6th Grade Religion & Social Studies

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6th Grade Religion! 

February 5-8, 2019

Unit 3, Session 11 - God's Presence in the Temple

  • St. Helena - mother of Constantine
  • King Solomon - son of King David
  • Temple of Solomon
  • Who spread's the news of the Holy Spirit:  Priests, laypeople, deacons, and us
  • Vocabulary:  Ark of the Covenant; discrimination, Holy of Holies, and sacrifice
  • Study Guide & Art Print 11:  Jesus with Soup  
  • Art Project:  draw a replica of Solomon's Temple due Friday, Feb 8th.(15 pts.)

***​Yoga Meditation on Wednesday, February 6th - bring large towel or mat; wear SAS warmup pants and spirit shirts.  Lissa Weston from Yogalaties will be our instructor as we pray and stretch!!

 Test:  Unit 3, Session 11  on Thursday, Feb. 14