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Math website image IXL is HERE!  Passwords and user ids have been issued.  It is a great resource to practice math skills.  Students have access to all grade levels and the math activities.  Specific assignments will be given for homework, classwork and for spirals.

Book Website Login Information:

login:  sas followed by first inital then last name then 21;  As example for Jane Doe:  sasjdoe21

password:  lions123


1st, 2nd, 4th periods:  


Current skills:  Students in 1/2/4th periods are learning how to write and solve proportions as well as writing ratios and unit rates.  They are also finding side lengths and angle measures of similar figures.

Answers to 1/31 Test Practice:

TB 154; 15) 7/12  17)  2.88 km  20)  A

TB 163;  5)  120 degress  6)  26 degrees 7)  9  8)  12

TB 171;  14)  12  15)  25  16)  3 17)  136  18)  7.5ft  19)  15 ft  20)  45  21)  x = 45,  y = 36

TB 172:  7)  18  8)  5  9)  27  10)  8.4  11)  3.75  12)  1.25 or 1 1/4  13)  28 teachers  17)  x = 12, y = 14  18)  $13.50  19)  160 in.



5th period:  ACCELERATED

Current skills:  

5th period will be working in Chapter 5.  Students will compare, order, and convert between fractions, decimals, and percents.  Studentw will also solve percent problems using equations and proportions and use percent to solve real-world problems.



Students will have approximately 3-4 per 9 weeks.  


ixl is NOW AVAILABLE!!  Students will be assigned ixl assignments which will be graded.  Students will be required to reach a percentage goal to receive full credit.  Ixl will be used as spirals as well as homework.


Often test and quiz dates are moved....but always back a day or two depending upon class preparedness.  Test and quiz dates on the the test calendar in the 6th grade hall as well as the 6th grade calendar on our website.


Daily homework will be posted on the board in my room and not online.  3 POINTS EACH WHEN CHECKED

Supplies needed daily:

book, workbook, sharpened pencil, calculator (used heavily 2nd half of year), binder

Math book and resources:

All students will be issued a math textbook, Prentice Hall Course 2 Mathematics and associated workbook/note taking guide. Students may bring the textbook home however the book and workbook are both accessible on the website. The book's website is a GREAT resource for the students.  

Book Website:

Students will be using the Course 2 book.  Students will also have web access to the Course 1 book (book used in 5th grade and great for review).  

Students may purchase a basic function calculator from school, $5.50.