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St. Joseph's Academy Math Tournament was held February 2.  Fifteen 6th graders attended and participated in tests and games.  Several students won places in several different divisions and all had a great time working on math and being with friends.  



CHECK THE 6TH GRADE CALENDAR FOR IMPORTANT DATES - Including dates for morning math help

Welcome to a fun 2018 learning math!!


Math website image Start exploring TODAY.  Use the ixl app for best results.  Every student has their own user name and password!


1st, 2nd, 4th periods: 

Students are working on percents, Chapter 5.  

Reteaching 5-1 Answers

Practice C Answers

5th period

Students are completing the chapter on percents and will be moving to units on GEOMETRY.

Extra credit opportunity due Monday March 12.

Ch 5-6 workbook answers



Students will have approximately 3-4 per 9 weeks.  Now that we have ixl to use, we will have fewer math spirals.


Often test and quiz dates are moved....but always back a day or two depending upon class preparedness.


Daily homework will be posted on the board in my room and not online.  3 POINT EACH WHEN CHECKED

Supplies needed daily:

book, workbook, sharpened pencil, calculator (used heavily 2nd half of year), binder

Math book and resources:

All students will be issued a math textbook, Prentice Hall Course 2 Mathematics and associated workbook/note taking guide. Students may bring the textbook home however the book and workbook are both accessible on the website. The book's website is a GREAT resource for the students.  

Book Website:

Students will also have web access to the Course 1 book (book used in 5th grade and great for review).

Students may purchase a basic function calculator from school, $5.50. 

Math Help:  

I will hold help sessions in my classroom (typically on Tuesdays at 7:20 - see 6th Calendar for dates as they may change due to staff meetings/commitments), and needed/scheduled during recess. Students are not to enter the building UNTIL 7:20.