Ms. Monica Heitman 6th Grade Math

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Sixth grade math is an exciting year for students.  Students will continue to practice and advance skills they have learned as well as learn new skills.  

Current Skill 

PERCENTS!   Students will be reviewing percents, fractions, and decimals. Percent problems will be solved using proportions and the percent equation.  Students will learn about discounts, markups, commission,  and simple interest.  

A brief lesson on the Dow Jones Industrial Average was given on the day the "20,000" mark was broken.  Each student will pick their own stock to follow for the remainder of the year.



Math help has moved to Thursdays, 7:20. 


Students should be accessing our new book/workbook online, Prentice Hall Mathematics Course 2.  The website is:

This is THE "go to" site for the actual book (there is no longer a class set of math books so we are encouraging students to keep their book at school and utilize the website for book assignments).  The site is a tremendous resource for our students.  We will spend the first few weeks reviewing and utilizing the many features of the on line website.

I have added the Course 1 book for the students to access on the Pearson website.  This is the book the current 5th graders are using and can be a valuable resource for review material.  We will be using worksheets and re-teaching tools from this book series.

Students and parents may contact me via email at  


Current Events

Students in the Science Lab!

All classes worked in the Science Lab and learned how to use proprotions to find an indirect measure.  Students used shadows created by light to write and solve proportions to find the height of objects.  The students used proportions to find the height of Aloysius' flagpole using indirect measure.




St. Joseph's Academy will be having their annual math tournament early in 2017.  More information forthcoming.