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October/November Newsletter


Dear Parents,


            It is hard to believe that fall is here and it is already October.  We started the month with the letter S to include spiders, snakes, seasons, scarecrows and sunflowers. The rest of the month will include the letters O, H, M, X, and P. The letter O will include learning about owls, ovals, and opposites.  The letter H will include Halloween art with funny monsters to introduce the letter M. We discuss our skeletons with a bone unit and include the letter X for X-ray. We will end the month with the letter P which will include pumpkin activities.


            The children will be introduced to various types of thinking maps this year. Different thinking maps will be used to reinforce our units.  So far we have done a tree map to graph eye color and favorite apples.


            A new color has been introduced each week. We read a color book, look for the color in the classroom and dance with colored streamers. The children have been mixing primary colors to make secondary colors with play dough as well as with paint.  We will end with the colors brown, pink, black, white, and gray.  We introduce a new shape each week and work on an art project to use each shape. Shapes and combinations of shapes are everywhere and it is fun to figure out what shapes are around us everyday.  Shapes are in the places we play, in the things we use, and in the foods we eat.  It is fun to see the different things that can be made from one shape.  We will continue to pattern using two and three objects. We are also learning that we can make patterns with sound.  We can clap and snap for an AB pattern and clap, snap, and stomp for an ABC pattern.  Each week a new number has been introduced and we reinforce the numbers with fun finger plays, songs, and math activities.  


            In November we will introduce the letters I and T. We will talk about Thanksgiving and what we are thankful for.  We will learn about the first Thanksgiving which will include pilgrims, Indians, and turkeys.


            The children have been having so much fun making new friends and playing together every day.  Thank you for the opportunity to teach your precious children.


Ms. Nancy and Ms. Renee’

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