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February/March Newsletter


Dear parents,


  February started off with a bang having Mardi Gras and Valentine’s Day all in the same week. The children enjoyed the Mardi Gras parade and handing out valentines to their friends. We worked on many language arts and math activities to reinforce the letter V for Valentine’s Day as well as illustrate a Mardi Gras book.


 This week we started our discussion on the meaning of Lent. It is a time which helps us become closer to God. Jesus was our example of how to treat others and show others that we have love in our hearts. Doing good deeds is one way to show others the love in our hearts. The children are excited to share the good deeds they are doing at home as well as helping each day in the classroom.


We began our unit on Nursery Rhymes to reinforce the letter R. Each day for the next couple of weeks we will illustrate a Nursery Rhyme. Our collection will come home to share with you.


For President’s Day we will discuss what a president is, who our current president is, past presidents, and the names of the presidents on our money.


Since we lost a week in January due to weather, we will start our Dinosaur unit after we finish our unit on Nursery Rhymes.


We will start March with the letter K for Kite, key, and Kangaroo. For the letter G the children will paint a cool pair of glasses, review the color green for St. Patrick’s Day, as well as learn about leprechauns and their gold.  We are going to read the Dr. Seuss story, Green Eggs and Ham, and cook some to see what they taste like.  The children will be invited to try them.  They are always amazed at how good they taste.  Mixing blue and yellow food coloring in lemonade makes a green treat that everybody loves. We will keep an eye out for those mischievous leprechauns that come around during March.  On St. Patrick’s Day we are going to make a trap and try to catch one. I hope we do because last year we caught one but he got away. We will work very hard to catch one this year. We will end our month with the letter E and Easter activities.


We continue to work on letter and sound recognition, rhyming words, opposites, sequencing, graphing, and patterns. We are reviewing color words and finishing up our Animal Island series. The children are so excited when they can put the sounds together and read a word.  We have fun math games and activities to reinforce counting, and matching the correct number of objects to the corresponding number.  The children write and cut every day during our work jobs to strengthen their fine motor skills.


It is time to open  our Pizza shop and have the children pretend to order a pizza.  We will continue to work on phone numbers. Please go over phone number and address as often as possible with your child.



We appreciate all that you do.  Your children are so eager to learn and so much fun to teach.


Thank you,




Ms. Nancy and Ms. Renee’

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