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October Newsletter


Dear Parents,


It is hard to believe that we are already in October. We have been talking about fall and all the pretty colors the leaves can turn.  This month we will introduce the letters S, O, X, M, and H. Activities to introduce S will include seasons, seahorses, snakes, and spiders. The letter O will include owl, octopus, and opposites. We will have many fun monster activities for the letter M.  We will end the month with Halloween art for the letter H and a unit on Bones with the letter X for X-ray.


            We will use various types of thinking maps this year to reinforce our units.  So far we have done a tree map to graph eye color and favorite apples.  


            A new color has been introduced each week and we are having fun mixing playdough to make secondary colors with primary colors. Shapes are being introduces and it is fun to figure out what shapes are around us everyday.  Shapes are in the places we play, in the things we use, and in the foods we eat.  It is fun to see the different things that can be made from one shape. A shape booklet will come home soon.  We will continue to pattern using two and 3 objects/colors. Each week a new number has been introduced. Finger plays, stories, and games help with recognition.


            Fine motor skills are improving everyday.  We have been learning the correct way to use our scissors as well as the correct way to hold crayons and markers. Our Handwriting Without Tears series is helping to strengthen fine motor skills along with letter and number recognition. We will continue to cut and write during our work jobs as well as during free time at the art table and writing center. We are starting to write our names daily and once we are confident using upper case letters we will include the lower case letters in our names.


     We are excited about our field trip to Barn Hill Preserve on Tuesday, October 17th. Please have all your information and money in by Tuesday, October 10th.


            Once again, Renee’ and I thank you for the opportunity to teach your child.  They are special in every way and they truly brighten our day.


Ms. Nancy and Ms. Renee’

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