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anuary / February Newsletter


Dear Parents,


We all came back from the Christmas holidays a little bigger and little wiser.  Everyone was happy to be back and confident to start the second half of the year.  We have been reviewing patterns, numbers, shapes, and we will continue reviewing the alphabet and we started our Animal Island story that we will read each day.  

During the month of January we will introduce the letter W for winter. We will discuss snowmen along with what animals do in the winter such as hibernate and migrate.  The letter B will include Bears, buttons, and butterflies. The letter D will include dinosaurs, which is one of our favorite units. We will finish out January with the letter Y.

  In February we will introduce the letters R, Q, and V. We will start the month with rhyming words and nursery rhymes. The children will be illustrating their own nursery rhyme book. They enjoy learning all the new rhymes and acting them out as well. We will have Valentine’s Day activities to introduce the letter V. We will discuss Mardi  Gras at the end of the month.  Along with all the holiday activities, we will work on opposites, rhyming words, graphing objects, sequencing, as well as reviewing letters of the alphabet and numbers 1-20.  February will be a busy month and we look forward to all the fun.

We do not have a Valentine’s Day party but we do exchange valentines.  We have 25 children in our class. The valentines can be signed but they do not need to be addressed to each child. This makes it easier to hand them out. Remember, NO NUTS OR GUM. We will decorate a bag for the valentines. Please send a plain (any color), large  gift bag to school to decorate.  Hobby Lobby or the $ store usually has these. We will decorate our bags the Monday before Valentine’s Day. Please label the bottom of the bag with your child’s name.  You can bring the valentines the day before or the morning of February 14th. We will start handing out valentines as soon as the children arrive to school.

On, Friday, February 21st, we will have our Pre-K  Mardi Gras Parade in the gym. Please decorate a wagon and bring it to school on the morning of the parade. Please have whatever your child plans to throw in the wagon. The parade will roll at 7:45 sharp. Your child may dress up if they choose to do so. Usually something over their clothes (free dress for Pre-k that day) is easier to take off after the parade.  Please line up the wagons on the sidewalk between the primary building and the library. It is a tradition that the 8th grade students pull the pre-school children in their wagons through the gym. Parents will not be allowed to pull the wagons. All parents are welcome to stay and watch the parade in the gym.  All parents need to sit in the bleachers to allow plenty of room for wagons and the children from other grades. Please note that the middle bar will not be taken out of the gym doors for wagons. Wagons need to fit through one side of the gym doors with ease. If you are getting a hand me down from years past or building something, please measure the width of the door in advance. Please let me know as it gets closer to Mardi Gras if your child needs to ride with someone. 



Ms. Nancy and Ms. Anne

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