Ms. Natasha Mapp 3rd Grade Teacher

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What an amazing start to our new school year!  Our first full week back will be exciting.  We will visit the Library and the Science Lab as we dive into our curriculum. 

This week we will start looking at each of our units.

Enrichment:  P.E.

Reading:  We will identify characters based on their traits, use the t.p. effect to create settings, and discover the central ideas of stories with the theme.  We will use the story from our Reader, When Charlie McButton Lost Power.  This story will take us to the science lab next week to work with electricity.

Spelling:  In this Unit 1, Week 1, we will spell words that contain the short vowel sound used in a closed syllable.

English:  We will use parts of sentences to write complete sentences using the steal and slide method.  We will be writing complete sentences to tell about our hopes and dreams for ourselves in third grade.

Math:  In Ch. 1 we will work with digits into the hundred thousands place to identify their value based on the place they sit, we will use these values to write digits in standard, word and expanded form, we will order these values, compare these values using inequality signs, and round these numbers. 

Social Science:  We will review our earth's geography by studying maps and using our map skills to build maps. 

Important Dates/Reminders:

Sunday, August 12th              Back to School "Parent Open House"  1:30-3:00

Wednesday, August 15th      All School Mass (please donate a food item) / School Pictures

Friday, August 17th               Extension Payments Due

Please send your child to school with:

New scissors, two jumbo fabric book covers, a pencil bag, water bottle and nutfree snack

* You may purchase a SAS pencil bag the first few days of school through me, they are $4.  If you would like, I can send home the two text books if you would prefer to make a bookcover at home with a paper bag.  Just let me know:)