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Mrs. Mapp's 3rd Grade Class

We will begin to memorize our multiplication facts 0-7 and add the eights and nines.  We will play around the world to help us with quick recall of these facts.  Please continue to practice multiplication facts, with the flashcards made in class, at home nightly.  We will build a Viking Longship and measure a Viking Longship on the playground.  We will continue with our study of the Vikings by creating a timeline and reading about the Myths and Gods that Vikings worshiped.  We are starting our Magic Tree House story, Viking Ships at Sunrise.  In English we will move into verbs that show action and verbs that link the subject and predicate. We will complete some creative writing of Mrs. Mapp's Secret Life.  The kids are having fun with this one!  Our Spelling words are from Unit 2, week 5 and focus on consonant digraphs including sh, th, f, ch, ng. 

Monday:   Reading Test / Science Test / Amazing Words Due

Tuesday:  Fire Drill 2:40 /Library / Pop Quiz on Multiplication Facts 0-7

Wednesday: Dr. Verges visits / 3rd grade longship

Thursday:  Computers 1:15

Friday:   Social Studies Test on Vikings / Math Quiz on Multiplication Facts 0-7

**Reminder:  Take good care of your growing cabbages.  Check for bugs, feed and water as needed. Send me some pictures by email when you have time, I would love to share the progress with the class.

Extra Credit - Knights of Columbus Poster Due December 18th.

Weekly Letter December 4- December 8


Weekly Letter December 11 - December 15