Ms. Patience Moreno Computer - Robotics and Newspaper

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Welcome to 5th-8th

Robotics/ STEM
Students working in teams will learn to define, construct, and code a variety of Robots and animated online characters to execute a stated task.  The Robot Will (TRW) draw a five pointed star on a piece of paper is an example of one project. The fun of exploring Robotics is the hands-on opportunity to continually develop organizational, critical thinking, problem solving, evaluation, communication, and teamwork skills.  Many of the completed projects will be presented by the students at STEM night and to other classes and groups.

SAS Newspaper
Using Publisher, ACT Aspire writing methods, and a variety of internet applications, teams of students will produce a quarterly middle school newspaper.  The primary goals of our classes are to promote students’ creativity, enjoyment, and fun in writing.  Students will be using writing prompts, generating and connecting ideas, pre-writing, formatting, editing, rewriting, and publishing  to produce their narrative, informational, and/or persuasive/argumentative writing creations.

Robotics meets on Tuesdays and SAS Newspaper meets on Thursdays during enrichment.  Each class is for a one 9-week commitment and students may signup for it all 4 quarters if desired.  Signup will be repeated 2nd - 4th quarters.  Students cannot take both subjects during the same 9-week period this year.  Questions? Please contact  To sign your child up for either Robotics  or SAS Newspaper this quarter please Click Here