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Welcome to 5th-8th

Robotics/ STEM meets on Fridays.
Students working in teams will learn to define, construct, and code a variety of Robots and animated online characters to execute a stated task.  The Robot Will (TRW) pick up an object and move it to another location is an example of one project. Robotics promotes organizational, critical-thinking, problem-solving, evaluation, communication, and teamwork skills.  Many of the completed projects will be presented by the students to other classes and groups. Read more.

SAS Newspaper meets on Thursdays and Fridays for first and third Enrichment periods.
Using Publisher, ACT Aspire writing methods, and a variety of internet applications, teams of students will produce a monthly middle school newspaper, The SAS Advocate.  The primary goals of our classes are to promote students’ creativity, enjoyment, and fun in writing.  Students will improve writing skills by using writing prompts, generating and connecting ideas, pre-writing, formatting, editing, rewriting, and publishing to create their narrative, informational, and/or persuasive/argumentative writing articles.  PLEASE SCROLL DOWN TO CLICK ON THE ARCHIVE MONTH OF YOUR CHOICE SINCE MAY 2016.  Read more...

Each Enrichment requires attendance for at least one semester and parental permission. Please click here to sign-up.


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2019-20 SAS School Year
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2018-19 SAS School Year
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2017-18 SAS School Year
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2016-17 SAS School Year
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2015-16 SAS School Year