Ms. Susan Davidson 5th Grade Social Studies

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Fifth Grade Social Studies      

            The Social Studies classes will spend the next few weeks studying the Civil War.  The students will examine the major battles and the effects they had on the final outcome.  They will see the war through the people who lived it.  They will learn about the heroes as well as the everyday civilians.  

            Mrs. Murphy is planning an experiment for us in the science lab.  Hot air balloons were used for reconnaisance during the Civil War.  We will attempt to launch our own hot air balloons.

            On Thursday, April 2, the classes will take a field trip to the River Center and the Art and Science Center.

            There will be two quizzes with this unit, along with several graded class activities.  The quizzes will cover vocabulary and  notes.  

            The students will have a packet which we will complete in class.  The information in this packet can be used as a study guide for the test at the end of the unit.  

            Homework for this unit: Students should make flashcards for all highlighted information as as we complete a chapter and study these cards a few minutes each day.

          All quizzes and tests will be posted on the 5th grade calendar outside the classrooms, on the board in my social studies classroom, and on the 5th grade calendar.  All students are also asked to write the quizzes and tests in their assignment books.