Ms. Tracey Barhorst 6th Grade Social Studies

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Our next unit of study will be Unit 6 Industrialism, Capitalism, and Socialism.


We will begin with Lessons 4-5 on the Industrial Revolution.  Our next test will be on Thursday, April 13.


Some may point to other events, but as one looks back, no era could have more importance than the Industrial Revolution.


This revolution lured people from the land to the factory in massive numbers.  It severely damaged the environment, brought great wealth to many, but even greater misery to many more.  It funneled children into its mines and mills, and set the stage of unparalleled economic, political, and intellectual growth that is still in full-steam today.


Many voices were appalled at the negative effects of the Industrial Revolution and spoke out against them and acted to change them.  The revolutions in politics-seen in America and in France-coupled with the revolution in industry, forced political attitudes to alter and adapt.  Socialism, communism, unions, and strikes led to decades of periodic unrest, culminating in the Russian Revolution.


As the dust settled, capitalism--well-regulated by the people through their governments--emerged as the most successful social and economic system.

Quizlet available on links.