Test Wednesday, September 26, Ancient Greece Chapters 1-4 and map. See Links for quizlet practice.

Ancient Greece and Rome

The ancient civilizations of Greece and Rome have influenced Western society more profoundly than perhaps any other cultures in world history. The political institutions of these two great civilizations—including the early forms of democracy established in Athens and several other city-states of ancient Greece and the judicious power sharing articulated in the Roman republic— have been incorporated with great success into many subsequent societies.

The many remarkable rulers who led these two cultures or fought one or both of them—including Alexander the Great, Hannibal, Julius Caesar, and Caesar Augustus—are part of a shared world history that is echoed by Edgar Allan Poe in his poem “To Helen,” in which he invokes “the glory that was Greece/and the grandeur that was Rome.” Core Knowledge History and GeographyTM 6

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